Opiate Rehab

Las Vegas Opioid/Opiate Rehab

Compassionate Care for Painkiller Abuse

Opioids/Opiates are one of the main ingredients in heroin and painkillers. They create a euphoric feeling that can become addictive when abused. Opiate addiction is a growing problem in the United States, and treatment centers like The Nestled Recovery Center are committed to helping people overcome this disease.

In our 10-bed residential facility, patients receive the personalized care they need to address opiate addiction and any underlying mental health problems. Addiction has many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual effects. Our experienced team of rehab professionals are committed to helping you make a holistic recovery.

From Prescription to Addiction

spilled bottle of prescription pillsOpioid/Opiate addiction often starts when a person is prescribed painkiller medication. Every patient should receive a schedule for when to take their medication. The prescription is carefully timed so that patient’s only take another dose with the previous dosage is mostly cleansed from their system. This means that pain and discomfort will appear before it’s time to take more. Unfortunately, this leads some patients to take more medicine before the prescribed time.

The more often the medication is taken, the more tolerance the body build to it. Before long, a person may find themselves taking several pills a day to stave off withdrawal symptoms.

Opioid/Opiate Withdrawal & Detox

Opioid/Opiate withdrawal depends on how severe the addiction is and how long the drug has been abused. Withdrawal occurs when the body is cut off from a substance it was dependent on to produce certain chemicals. The body will eventually make these chemicals on its own again, but in the meantime patients will have to manage some of the side effects.

Side effects of opiate withdrawal include:

  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Profuse sweating
  • Chills

The first week of withdrawal is the worst. When you or your loved one are ready to receive treatment, make sure you receive care in a medical detoxification center.

At The Nestled Recovery Center, we can monitor your withdrawal and help you manage the symptoms. Our medical team can prescribe appropriate tapers such as Subutex during opioid/opiate detox. These tapers help patients wane off the opioids, meanwhile our 24/7 medical staff monitors withdrawal symptoms and provide other medications to assist in stabilizing patients. Our goal is to make what can be an extremely uncomfortable and dangerous process comfortable and safe.

The Personalized Treatment Patients Need

Opioid/Opiate addiction has a powerful effect on the brain. People often find themselves going to extreme lengths to obtain more of the drug – even resorting to stealing from friends and family. No matter what you or a loved one has done because of an addiction, there is still time to make a positive change.

Inpatient detox followed by a dedicated rehab program have a tremendous result on people who are committed to overcoming their addiction. The Nestled Recovery Center only takes 10 residential patients at a time so that we can provide individualized care to every client. Our experienced team helps people achieve long-term sobriety through group therapy, dual diagnosis treatment also known as co-occurring disorders treatment, trauma-informed therapy and individual and family counseling.

For more information about the opioid/opiate addiction treatment at The Nestled Recovery Center in Las Vegas, call us at (702) 299-6406.